• Dr. Eliott Reich

How to take your pet from Israel to the United States?

First of all I'm legally required to tell you that I can't be held responsible for the information I give you here. Laws constantly change and I suggest that you double-check the information by yourself. 

That being said we constantly help people to travel with their pet to the United States and here is the procedure:

1. Your dog/ cat has to be over 4 months of age. If you plan on bringing a dog make sure that the particular breed is not banned in the state or city you plan to travel to. 2. Your dog/ cat has to be chipped and vaccinated against rabies (the vaccination cannot be expired). If that was the first time your pet has been vaccinated against rabies, you will have to wait at least 30 days before boarding your flight. If your pet has been vaccinated against rabies before, you can board the flight right after the booster vaccination. 4. Your vet has to fill out a health/ rabies vaccination certificate (your vet should have this document, make sure it's in English), which then has to be signed by a governmental vet. In case of a dog, please bring along the dog's "licence" (the one you receive after paying the municipal fee every year) to the meeting. 5. Have a good flight! :)


Dr. Eliott Reich (DVM)

For clarification: The United Stated does not require a rabies antibody-titer-test.  If you have particular questions, need special permissions and so on - please contact the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture or the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) directly.

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