• Dr. Eliott Reich

How to take your pet from Israel to a country in the European Union?

First of all I'm legally required to tell you that I can't be held responsible for the information I give you here. Laws constantly change and I suggest that you double-check the information by yourself. Special tapeworm treatments are required for Finland, Ireland, Malta, the United Kingdom and Norway.

That being said we constantly help people to travel with their pet to a EU country and here is the procedure:

1. Your dog/ cat has to be chipped and vaccinated against rabies.  2. No earlier than 30 days later a blood sample has to be taken and the sample has to be sent to the laboratory in Beit Dagan for a rabies-antibody-titer test (this can take up to two weeks).  3. You are then allowed to enter a EU-country with your pet 3 months after receiving the antibody-titer-test results, taking with you a veterinary health certificate (filled out by your vet and signed and stamped by the government veterinarian, not earlier than 10 days before your flight) and a declaration of ownership (along with the vaccination card and antibody-titer-test results).

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Eliott Reich

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