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How to bring your pet to Israel?

First of all I'm legally required to tell you that I can't be held responsible for the information I give you here. Laws constantly change and I suggest that you double-check the information by yourself. 

That being said we constantly help people to travel with their pet to Israel and here is the procedure:

1. Your dog/ cat has to be over 4 months of age. If you plan on bringing a dog make sure that it's not one of the "dangerous dog breeds" or a dog that is a crossbreed of one of the "dangerous dog breeds". 2. Your dog/ cat has to be chipped and vaccinated against rabies.  3. No earlier than 30 days after the vaccination a blood sample has to be taken and sent to a recognized labortatory to measure the rabies antibody titer. 4. Your vet has to fill out a health declaration that includes the rabies antibody titer test results, no earlier than 10 days before your flight, which has then to be signed by a governmental vet. 5. Fax this declaration along with a "Notification of Pet Arrival" to the vet at Ben Gurion Airport at least two working days before your flight.  6. Fly to Israel bringing all documents mentioned above and a declaration of ownership. 

I hope this helps!


Dr. Eliott Reich

For clarification: 

1. A rabies antibody titer test is valid, as long as the rabies vaccination is valid. For Israeli authorities, the rabies vaccination has to be repeated once a year. If the vaccination has expired, even if just for one day, the antibody test becomes invalid and has to be repeated.

2. So called "dangerous dog breeds", that are prohibited to be imported to Israel include Dogo Argentino, Pitbull Terriers, Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian Mastiff), Tosa Inu AND CROSS-BREEDS OF THOSE BREEDS.

3. If your pet can come with you in the cabin depends on the airline, the size/ weight of your dog/ cat and if it has a special status (such as service dog).

4. No dogs can be imported into Israel under 4 months of age, as the rabies vaccine can only be given at 3 months of age, after which one month has to pass before performing the rabies antibody titer test.

5. If you think your pet will be scared during the flight, talk to your vet regarding drugs that can be given to easy the fear and/ or calm your pet down. 

6. If you have particular questions, need special permissions and so on -please contact the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture directly.

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